Corporate details – Get in touch!

Name: Bombay Hemp Company Pvt. Ltd. (BOHECO)

Address: Unit #2, Cama Industrial Estate, SunMill Compound Rd,
Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400013, Maharashtra, India.

Phone:  022-2491-2554

General For general enquiries please contact us info@boheco.org Media For PR and Media queries, write us at media@boheco.org Customer Care For feedback/questions, write us at customercare@boheco.org Career Share your passion and resumes at people@boheco.org

Boheco Brands

Hemp Nutrition & Cannabis Wellness

Website: www.bohecolife.com

Phone: +91-961-96-96-100

Email: life@boheco.org

Hemp Fabric Lab
Hemp Blended Fabrics

Website: www.hempfabriclab.com

Phone: +91-966-23-24-409

Email:  sales@hempfabriclab.com

B Label
Hemp Garments & Accessories

Website: www.blabel.in

Phone: +91-992-00-33-072

Email: sales@boheco.org

BOHECO Textiles
Hemp Fibres & Yarns

Phone: +91-996-99-49-934

Email: yarns@boheco.org