When we decided to work with medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp, we soon realised that in India, the plant had no formal standardization for cultivation or business. Given that this was a fairly unorganised sector, we had to begin with grass root planning and implementation. This led us to work with FPO’s in the northern region of India

BOHECO, along with two such farmer groups that went on to establish, what is currently, a fully functional formal supply chain.

BOHECO has has assisted the livelihood of over 500 farmers in the Himalayas. In doing so, we have been able to provide them with a steady source of income, from what was once considered a waste crop.

Our goal is to make medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp a part of your everyday life. To make this possible, we began work from the very backend of its development process. Over the last seven years, we have conducted research, scientific experiments and held conversations with numerous agronomists. And currently, we are in the process of creating standardized seeds that can potentially be utilised for commercial cultivation.

Athulya Krishi Foundation (AKF)

Athulya Krishi Foundation, incorporated in 2016, is a Not-For-Profit Organisation. Our primary objective is to do Seed Breeding with Ratan Tata Trust.  We also focus on and protect the interest of farmers. We connect with farmers who work with hemp fibre and/or oil-based crops.

This includes but is not limited to the standardization of agro-practices for the cultivation of Cannabis germplasm lines, best agriculture practices, farmer education and empowerment. The company also actively engages in research and development of technology that is required to develop and process cannabis and hemp and to use the material for the development of various industries.