Across remote villages dotting the landscape of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, women use oil from the hemp seed as a skin-rejuvenating agent. Softwood from the same crop is crushed to be used as firewood. These pieces of softwood can also be mixed with lime to build robust structures. The more we probe, the more we discover what this super crop can help us achieve.

BOHECO’s research endeavours is our pursuit of such discoveries. What takes place here is learning about materials and processes from scientists, designers, artisans, engineers, entrepreneurs, and many other creators of the world, instrumental in innovating cannabis and hemp’s applications.

A. Seed Breeding and Genetic Development

Optimum Seeds are Vital to ensure Standardised Output In India, a staggering variety of wild and feral cannabis grows. We sought it in far and wide farmlands to launch the first licensed Hemp breeding program. To advance this project, we maintain a Public Private Partnership (PPP) through Athulya Krishi Foundation (AKF) with various government-run scientific institutions.


B. Product Research and Development

For our seed & leaf based applications –

Built on the foundation of cannabis, BOHECO has integrated the plant’s human and environment centric philosophy into the process of its product development. Our process is rooted in the ayurvedic knowledge of cannabis’ nutritional, medicinal and therapeutic benefits. The idea is to apply this ancient formula to the modern-day context and provide solutions for a better lifestyle through cannabis.

We research the demographics, geographies, consumption and lifestyle patterns of people in India.

Through this research, we can identify areas that the health and wellness industries are yet to touch upon. There is a wave of people awakening to the benefits of plant-based nutrition and wellness. People are increasingly opting for a more conscious and responsible approach to their buying patterns. In this given scenario, we identify the unparalleled benefits that cannabis and hemp products can provide. We aim to formulate products that can assist you through every step of your day, making way for a healthier you and greener tomorrow.

For our Textile based applications –

BOHECO is the only commercial partner to be associated with the project to create an integrated technology platform for the application of hemp fibres in the textile industry along with the Ministry of Textiles and IIT Delhi. The idea is to explore and establish the commercial potential of Hemp fibre in the Textile industry through fundamental as well as applied research by creating a technology platform to provide sustainable technological solutions in apparel, home textile and technical textile sectors. To name a few main research studies conducted as a part of this project- anti-microbial properties of hemp, degumming of raw fibre, different spinning techniques, and characterization of hemp fibre. Through this endeavour we wish to commoditize the use of hemp textiles and make it a mainstream fabric choice in India.

C. BOHECO Innovation Lab

BOHECO Innovation Lab is a platform that promotes collaboration. We would like to advance the developments of Cannabis, with the help of innovative thinkers, doers, artists, and creators in the country.

Cannabis is full of potential, and currently, we are at the tip of the iceberg. Through this platform, we have collaborated with multiple innovators in the fields of hempcrete, biofuel, hemp paper, to name a few. We are convinced that a collective effort can produce path-breaking innovations that can drive the future of a sustainable and self-sufficient society.


We would like to further extend this platform to diverse innovators who would like to explore this domain of material sciences. To come together and create a better future using hemp as a tool. Connect with us and take this spirit of innovation forward, write to us at info@boheco.org