We’re intensely listening to the new sounds of Agricultural Possibilities

We, Bombay Hemp Company, incorporated in 2013, are an Agro-based enterprise reimagining the future of Indian agriculture and sustainable living with hemp as our lens. Hemp’s uses are kaleidoscopic. Pull its Fibre out and it’ll give you Yarn; chop it into Softwood, it’ll give you material to build Shelter; study its Genetics, and you’ll find Medicine.

Our design fuses this very potential with the existing industries of Agriculture, Technology, and Medicine, to bring together Community, Impact, and Value.

What drives us to make it possible?
Hemp’s innate Power to build a better Future

We harness that power by advocating Industrial Hemp and its benefits to society. We assist local farmers in cultivating the crop by providing optimum seeds, best practices in cultivation techniques, and innovating Agro-products. Our vision is to be pioneers in developing a sustainable business model for large-scale economic, environmental, and social impact.

We, at BOHECO, epitomise a wholesome, credible solution towards alleviating poverty and uplifting society. BOHECO’s centrality as a futuristic agriculture company rests in sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and inclusive industry building.

What did we do to create value?
Upon identifying the untapped value of our geographic conditions which are conducive to Hemp cultivation, we created the ecosystem of a Hemp industry in India.

We studied Hemp extensively and then engaged in conversations with our stakeholders whose support turned our imaginations to realities. With farmers, scientists, policymakers, industry leaders and world communities, we traced the timeless benefits of Hemp to drive measurable social impact.Here we are after months of tenacity, India’s premier Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Company on its onward journey of positive market disruption.

Discovery + Initiation

Articulating Cannabis’ relevance
“Think basic, think fundamental; you will never be irrelevant.” - Anonymous In 2011, when we were business students, we worked on Project Chirag, a youth initiative to provide solar electricity to rural houses. That experience exposed us to a set of far-reaching rural challenges and the subsistence use of Cannabis. Far away from these realities was a small town in Australia, that ran happily, sustainably, and primarily on Hemp. We drew inspiration from that simple idea and channelled our learnings from business school, Project Chirag, and our travels through rural India to build BOHECO, a business set to push against the currents of poverty, unemployment, and climate change.

Momentum + Motivation

Creating Value from the ground up
Our next step was to discover the regions where cannabis and hemp are widely available in India, followed by an exploration of how the crop could be transformed into livelihood opportunities for locals like farmers and artisans. We set base in Uttarakhand, where the crop grows indigenously. This was the first time in India where we saw the raw form of Hemp being transformed into charming handlooms. We began with 25 families all over Uttarkashi, Rudra Prayag, Tehri Garhwal, Dehradun, Almora, Baageshwar, Chamoli, Pithoragarh, Pauri, and Nainital. A total of 150 women weavers were employed with our on-ground partners and were trained to weave with Hemp yarn.

Potential Gauging

Aligning with Related Disciplines
We facilitated the first meeting with government officials, to discuss Industrial Hemp in India. We showed them hemp-based textiles, food and building material. The meeting was an invitation to the Government of India to join us in building an ecosystem that embraces and benefits from hemp. Once people saw hemp in the form of a shirt and cannabis in the form of medicine, it changed their perception. That was an idea in itself, and we began our process of innovating with various consumer products. We began with B Label & Hemp Fabric Lab, a sustainable apparel and textiles brand respectively. We focused on the potential of cannabis in traditional medicine and nutrition, which led to - BOHECO Life, a Himalayan Hemp Nutrition and CannaReleaf™ (Cannabis Ayurvedic Remedies) brand. Our belief is that cannabis and hemp products can help sustainably revolutionize peoples diets and lifestyles. We’re rooting for, a healthier you and a greener tomorrow.